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At Hearing Instrument Services, we specialize in the hearing needs of patients of all ages. We are committed to providing high quality hearing care and hearing aid services. We have a Health Care Provider on staff at our Hamilton, Ontario location ready to serve you.

Hearing Instrument Services specializes in hearing aids, hearing tests, hearing evaluation for adults, pairing of bluetooth devices, installing TV listening systems, auditory assessments, wax removal and treating tinnitus. Our clinic is accepting new patients.


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Serving Hamilton and Area Since 1965

Hearing Instrument Services was foundedin 1965 by Henry (Hank) Dabrowski. The company was incorporated after 21 years of dealing with various manufacturers and the hearing aid delivery system. In 1984 Hank decided to become a fully integrated manufacturer and dispenser, this enabled the firm to deliver the product more expeditiously, and to retain control of the operation. The result was a better service and more satisfied customers. Henry (Hank) Dabrowski sadly passed away in February of 2016. His passion and commitment to delivering the highest level of excellence in hearing services to the Hamilton and surrounding community now lives on through his son Dan and grandson Jonathan, proudly committed to delivering Hanks vision of a world class hearing clinic.

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